Are you still not sure whether you want to work with a real estate agent to help you buy a home in Meade, Hardin, and Breckinridge County? The 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers was just released by the National Association of Realtors.  They surveyed recent home owners about their experiences, and an entire section was devoted to buyers. Here’s an overview of what they said about their experiences with working with a real estate agent.

Helped the buyer understand the process

60% of home buyers surveyed said that their agent helped them to understand the buying process. Their agent helped them to understand what to expect during the entire process so that there were no surprises along the way.

Pointed out unnoticed features/faults with the property

Buyers said that their agent helped them to either see possible uses for an extra bedroom or office, but they also helped them see potential disasters. Remember that most agents have been selling homes for years and know what to look for. They know what previous home buyers have done with the homes they purchased, so they can give you insight on how a home may fit your needs.  They can also find potential problems you may miss otherwise.

Negotiated better sales contract terms

Contracts are inherently complex, so it makes sense to have someone on your side who knows all the ins and outs of the terms of the contracts and will be on your side. If there are features on the home that turn out to be less than desirable, your agent can make sure contingencies are in place to help you get the best price.  They can also compare the value of the home with the local market in Kentucky to make sure the home is appropriately priced.

Provided a better list of service providers

Few professionals network better than real estate agents.  Many agents have a list of preferred vendors that they’ve worked with in the past and trust. These vendors can include mortgage professionals, home inspectors, plumbers, painters, contractors, landscapers, home stagers, and more.

Improved the buyer’s knowledge of search areas

The All About Homes Realty team are experts in the areas of Meade, Hardin, and Breckinridge Counties. Like all good real estate agents, they live and work in the community and can give you local insights, especially if you’re moving in from outside the area.

It’s clear that using a local real estate agent makes the experience of buying a home much easier and will help you find the perfect home.  Give the  All About Homes Realty team a call at 270-422-4687 to see how they can help you find the perfect home in Meade, Hardin, and Breckinridge Counties.