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Put Down Roots in Historic Brandenburg

by Scott Coppage

Are you looking to move to a small city with a rich history? Then Brandenburg, Kentucky is the perfect place to set down roots.  Brandenburg is a city with a rich history that will take you back in time to simpler days. Everything you need is right here as well. Brandenburg has outstanding restaurants like Little Dave’s Roadhouse, Jailhouse Pizza, and Doc's BBQ Smoke Shack that will keep you well fed and entertained. You can also enjoy the beautiful Kentucky scenery in the outstanding parks in Brandenburg that feature amenities for playing golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, and disc golf. The Ohio River is the stunning backdrop at Brandenburg Riverfront Park where residents relax and enjoy the beauty of the river.

If this sounds like the small town experience you’ve been looking for, then visit our Brandenburg Kentucky Real Estate And Community Information page for more information and to search for your dream home today.

Nighttime Home Security. Are you Safe?

by Scott Coppage

You hear on the news or from a neighbor that someone had a home invasion. Then you might think “That’ll probably never happen to me, I live in a nice, peaceful neighborhood”. Truth is, it can happen to anyone at any time. Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure that you and your family stay safe at night.

Motion Sensor Lights. Naturally you want those even when you’re just coming home from a late shopping trip. These can also be of great importance to home safety at night. Deter a not that insistent break and enter guest.

Home Surveillance System. These might be expensive, but well worth the price. Hidden home security cameras with nighttime vision are the most recommended while readily visible ones can be easily destroyed. To help, you can tie most of these systems right into just about any device or devices you want. Now you can find out if that strange noise was simply a stray animal or someone lurking about your home.

Always Lock Up. This may seem obvious, but many people simply forget or don’t bother to lock up all the windows, doors and even garage doors, simply because they don’t think they are at risk. Sure the neighborhood is safe and you know your neighbors really well, but the threat most often comes from outside your neighborhood. So, make sure to lock up. It could mean lives

Safety is never overrated, so be safe and check out these other great tips and tricks for nighttime safety for your home, and most importantly, your peace of mind. Be safe!

Help Prevent Electrical Fires in the Home

by Scott Coppage

Home safety is of utmost importance. Whether it’s just you or you have a family. The biggest thing most people overlook is electrical safety. Home electrical fires are estimated at around 51,000 fires a year, with nearly 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion in damages. Naturally there are ways to reduce the risk to you and your family. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  • Light Bulbs: When using light bulbs be sure to use a bulb with the correct wattage for the fixture you are using it in. A higher wattage bulb can cause the fixture to overheat and possibly cause the bulb itself to explode.
  • Outlets: When it comes to outlets it is always best not to overload them with extra adapters and power cords. Especially so in older homes that may not have a large enough power supply causing breakers to trip or overheat and very possibly cause major fires.
  • Appliances: We own many more appliances now than used to be in the average home 50-60 years ago. Appliances from a simple clock to a computer generate heat. So be sure to give the appliance plenty of circulation space and never leave blankets, towels or anything that will cover them so that they do not overheat and cause an overload or short out an electrical socket.

Electrical fires can be such a dangerous and traumatic incident that following some simple tips can save you or your family’s lives and your family’s livelihood. Here are quite a few more suggestions on how to minimize the possibility of an electrical fire in the home.

What Can Affect Your Mortgage Rate?

by Scott Coppage

You see advertisements for mortgage rates all over the media and internet.  How can you be sure you’re getting the best rate possible for you? Even if you compare rates, they aren’t likely practical for you. Here are some important factors for you to take into consideration.

Economy – The global economy drives all interest rates, including mortgage rates

Property location – Lender costs can go up or down depending on state laws

Lender pipeline – How much business a lender is currently processing

Property type – Single family, multi-family, condo, mobile, co-op, etc.

Loan-to-value – Lower values get a better rate

Home use – Is this home being used for personal use, rental, or vacation?

Credit score – The higher the score, the better the rate

Points – Overall, the higher the costs, the lower the rate

Loan features – Term, documentation, rate adjustment, interest-only payments, etc.

Loan amount – If the loan amount is very high or very low, this can mean higher rates

Mortgage Rates Always Change 

It’s true. In fact, rates can change in seconds! Even politics can affect the rates.  For example, when our current President disbanded his business council, it sent rates spiraling within 20 minutes! So that means the rate you were quoted before and after that situation will be very different than before.

Good thing about this is that current mortgage rates are as low as they've been in 2017. But home prices are climbing around much of America. To get that low rate you need and make your home mortgage as affordable as possible, you will need to get several custom quotes from competing mortgage lenders.

Stay Safe This Hallows Eve in Brandenburg!

by Scott Coppage

All Hallows Eve. A time of treats, crazy costumes for the kids and scaring each other silly. It’s also a time to remember a little caution and safety preparation can go a long way for our crazy little monsters of the night. Let us share some tips on safety for this year’s Halloween in Bradenburg.

Risks of car accidents with children go up unfortunately on this night more than any other, so we have a few ideas on how to keep the children as safe as possible.

One way is to try incorporating reflective tape or stickers into bags and costumes, as well as using face paint, non-toxic of course, as an alternative to visually obstructive masks. The kids are certain to find it fun to get their faces painted! Also try giving the kids some glow sticks, glow bracelets and whatever fun little glowing things you can find for them. Not only will extra fun be added to their costumes, but will help with added visual for drivers.

The younger children, 12 and under should never be out alone without their parents or a trusted adult to supervise. Try too to remind the older ones to stay in areas that they are familiar with, are well lit and give them the idea that going trick-or-treating with friends would be more entertaining. They’re certain to go for that!

Have a peek at this link for a few more tips on safety this Halloween. More importantly, don’t let them forget to have themselves a scary fun time this Halloween in Bradenburg, Kentucky!

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