Winter is almost here and it’s time to think about saving money when it comes to keeping your home warm during the cold months. This is important whether or not you plan on selling your home.  If you take some time now to check these items, it will go a long way in reducing energy costs and improving the value of your home.

Insulate the Windows

This is easy.  You can pick up a window insulation kit from your local hardware store.  If you install it right, the window plastic is basically invisible.  If you have a sun room, insulate those as well.

Reduce Drafts

Drafts are a real energy killer.  Reducing drafts will be a big help in reducing energy costs and if you plan to sell your home.  You can learn more about how to detect air leaks here.

Install Storm Windows

If your home does not have storm windows, then you can save 12-33% annually in heating costs by installing them.  That makes storm windows a logical investment.  Click here to learn more about how to choose and install the right storm windows for your home.

Watch the Thermostats

Turn down the thermostat when you plan to be away from home, unless you have pets that need a stable temperature.  Turn down the thermostats a few degrees and get out a warm blanket if that suits you. The lower the number on the dial, the more money you save.  Upgrade to digital programmable thermostats if you have the old dial versions.

This doesn’t cover everything, but with just these few tips you’ll be on your way to saving more money this winter.