If you’re considering buying a home in Hardin or Meade County, the one great thing you can look forward to is enjoying the great parks here. Hardin and Mead counties features a great variety of parks and recreation area that satisfy just about any recreation needs. Here’s a couple of the beautiful parks in Hardin and Meade County that you’re sure to enjoy.

Saunders Springs Nature Preserve

You can explore history and nature all at once in this beautiful wooded park.  This 26-acre preserve features 3 vintage cabins from the 1800’s, along with a number of picnic areas and pavilions where you can enjoy a nice BBQ with family and friends.  You can also take advantage of the 11 trails for hiking or biking, along with 7 trails made just for hiking. The park is also home to wide range of plants and trees, with 200 species of ferns, wildflowers, native grasses, vines and mosses and over 34 species of animals to discover.  It’s the perfect place for a field trip for schools and families to explore nature together.

Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area

This is a great park for the avid outdoorsman.  Those who enjoy fishing will appreciate the trout stocked waters of Otter Creek and the frontage along the Ohio River. Or if hunting is your thing, then you can hunt for deer, turkey, and various small game.  If you feel like a ride on your faithful steed, then the Red Cedar Trail and the Boone Hollow Trails are just waiting for you to take a relaxing ride. There’s also a rifle range, archery range, and a disc golf course.