The Miracle house is well known for its unexplained activities. The home has a rich history behind it, one we here at All About Homes Realty have enjoyed researching. Eva Carrigan is thought to be the reason behind these unexplained activities. Her Father Samuel Carrigan bought the home in 1911, at the time it was a large farm, they raised chickens, and milked cows, and grew an impressive garden. The home was well loved by his daughter Eva. It was said when she left the home she would tell it goodbye and that she would be back soon. The home burnt down in 1925, and she had it rebuilt in 1927 exactly the way it was but this time with a brick finish. The home has amazing craftsmanship to it, from hardwood floors, to old beveled windows, built in bookcases surround a stone fireplace and it still has the original claw foot bathtub. After her Father passed away in 1922, her Cousin Edith came to live with her. We have a letter from a Boarder who stayed with them, he describes Miss Eva as a lady who enjoyed cooking and made the best whipping cream he had ever tasted. She was an active member in her Sunday School class and had Easter Egg hunts for the kids and loved entertaining. He describes a time she taught him how to render lard to make lye soaps that were light as a feather. The Boarder also described Miss Eva as one who would not have taken a beauty prize, but the character behind her face was one of God's Prize-winners. He said if you knew her, she would not wish you harm, she was incredibly friendly 

Miss Edith was a well educated woman who enjoyed writing "letters to the editors" and was always interested in current events. The ladies never married and seemed to enjoy being homebodies. Miss Eva did have a pretty terrible fall later in life and had to use a cane when she walked.  The unexplained activities have never been scary from anything we have read. A bit unnerving sure, but nothing bad. There is a story about a lady who mentioned she did not believe in "Ghosts" and a light was lifted in the air and dropped into her lap. Another story is of the Owner first moving in and her hands were full of boxes and just as she went to set them down to turn the lights on, they came on by themselves. We truly feel Miss Eva is just there if anything, to watch over her beloved home and to welcome people in.