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Pre-Listing Page


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So Why list with

All About homes realty 

 The market will determines the actual SOLD price of your home...not your Realtor®, not you and not your neighbor that dabbles in real estate. Your home must be priced correctly to sell on your schedule and without leaving money on the table.

1st You'll know What Your HOME'S ACTUALLY WORTH

in Todays Market!  

It could be more or it could be less than you think.  All About Homes Realty will complete a detailed Comparative Market Analysis for Your Specific Home that includes :

1. adjusted comparable sales- You'll know the fair maket value of your home in todays market,

2. days on the market- you'll know when your home should sell,

3. competition Analysis- You'll know WHAT THE is COMPETITION DOING. to sell first you must beat the competition,

4. rate of sales- You'll know HOW QUICKLY SIMILAR HOMES SALE,

5. Local Market analysis- You'll know if local home PRICES are TRENDING UP OR DOWN and how to price your home,

 6. SEASONALITY-  You'll know market timing because TIMING IS EVERYTHING IN REAL ESTATE. 

Are agents are highly trained professionals. They know the numbers and so will you.  your home is likely your largest asset.  Shouldn't your hire a pro??


All About Homes Realty will complete a detailed PROFESSIONAL HIGH TECH MARKETING PLAN designed especially for Your Home that includes :

1. Professional Grade Photography- Great photos are critical.  Over 90% of buyers select homes based on the internet pictures. Cell phone photos won’t do it and Realtors are Not photographers. We use top quality equipment and skilled professionals that understand what buyers are looking for.

2. Internet Marketing- We partner with the big three: Real Estate Fanatic - Zillow ,, Also, your home will be on over 100 websites that can be seen around the globe.  

3. Two Multiple Listing Services-   Not One, But Two mls services.  We are members of the local mls, Realtors® multiple listing service, and the Louisville mls because many buyers move to this area from Louisville.

4.Signage/Flyers-  We Love Them.  Our yard signs are different than from other Realtors® because different is better. Also, we use multiple directional signs. Now even your neighbors can help us sell your home fast.

5. Texting Technology- Text for On Site Info.  Our Flyers (and a special Texting Sign in your yard) refer to a texting number for complete listing details. When called we capture their contact info. and call the buyer to see if they need more information.


6. Social Media- We pound Facebook. It’s not uncommon to get 2000 to 3000 views in a single day. We’ll also show you how to connect your friends on Facebook to your listing so they can help spread the word.


We post daily on 

All About Homes Realty

Facebook and will show you how to share your Facebook listing with your friends and family.



7. Craig's List- Yes you'll even be on Craig's List. You might be surprised how many hits we get from Craig’s list.

8. Realtor Blasts -  We Email Other Realtors.  Every Realtor in this market will receive an email form us detailing your new listing.  Who knows, they may have a buyer looking for a home just like yours.page1image22752


9. Buyer Blasts- We Email Our Buyers.  Everybody on our buyers list will receive an email detailing your listing. We have over 2500 buyers on our buyers list. These are people who have raised their hand and said they’re interested in buying a home. Yours could be the one they're looking for.

3rd You'll Receive the TEAM APPROACH

Team Approach- We Use Team work.  Our agents specialize in either working with sellers or buyers. They work together as a team and are not in competition with each other like most Realtors®.  This interactive team approach energizes an aggressive sales approach that gets results fast and you get your questions answered even if your agent is unavailable.




What to Expect as Sellers

*We Meet.  I would like to meet at your home, introduce myself and see if we’re a good fit.  After all, I am applying for the job of being your Realtor.

*The Plan. I’ll need a few hours to prepare a detailed marketing plan designed specifically for your home that meets your specific needs for price, timing, showings, communications, etc.

*The Market Discussion. We’ll need to discuss many variables like days on market, analyze your competition and rate of sales. We’ll actually tour inside your active competition and then you’ll know what the market is paying for a home like yours.

*Picture Day.  Our photographer will come to your home and take professional photos of each home.

*Follow Up and Response. We will follow up every lead promptly.  We answer the phones when you have questions and we’ll contact your every few days with an update.





   SEE WHAT OTHERS         



Check out our past clients reviews here

Real Estate Fanatic - Zillow


01-06-2016:     "I could not have asked for a more professional Realtor than Scott Coppage. Going into the process, I really didn't know much about selling a house and if it was not for Scott, we wouldn't have sold it as quick as we did. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. We will definitely know who to call the next time we need a true professional as a Realtor. Thanks Scott!"






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Scott Coppage, All About Homes Realty, Realtor/Principal Broker, MRP, ABR, GRI

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